My hobbies are simple: travelling, reading, watching movies and tv shows, and most sports. Recently, my husband Greg (who is my travel partner) decided to buy us both mountain bikes and see if this can become a new hobby. Please note that until now, I’ve always been pretty trepid about biking – I have done city tours in New Orleans and Singapore, but when you add the word “mountain” in front of it, I get a bit antsy. I figured, however, that my concerns were unwarranted as we live in South Florida, known for its flat terrain.
First, we went to Quiet Waters Park, in Deerfield Beach, FL, and tried the novice tracks. To enter the park, it costs $1.50 per person. Use of the mountain bike trails are $5 pp for the daily rate, $25 for the annual pass, or $12.50 for the annual pass if purchased after July 1st. All prices are also subject to tax. Additionally, all tracks require the wearing of a bike helmet.
I have ridden the novice trails at Quiet Waters twice, and I can’t say a huge fan (unfortunately). The trail starts out pretty fun, and then turns into asphalt – ok so far. Then you see signs to continue on the novice track. After riding for about 5 more minutes after the sign, the trail ends, and you don’t know where to go next. We looped around, and followed a different path to an alternative novice path – this one was better, but it appears that there are not many novice riders, so the path looks more like a meadow that many people have walked across. It’s not a distinct bike path, and is extremely rocky. I actually became disoriented – which was a new feeling for me, due to the rocks beating up my tires. I tried the Intermediate path, and saw an immediate difference. Due to the volume of folks who likely ride the intermediate trails, it has much better signage and upkeep, and is actually quite fun (and difficult). Another plus of this trail are the lakes that you see along certain points along the path – truly peaceful. I would certainly recommend the intermediate path for anyone with good mountain bike skills at Quiet Waters.
We also tried the Intermediate mountain bike track at the West Delray Regional Park. The park had free admission, and also mandated the usage of bike helmets (and you definitely need it). Now, this trail is not for the faint of heart. I started out wearing headphones and it was a huge mistake! The folks here really work on this trail, and try to make up for the lack of naturally mountainous topography by creating their own mini mountains and trail obstacles. In the beginning of the trail it’s pretty muddy and what you expect to find along a mountain bike trail. Soon, you’re under a forest like canopy, and next you find yourself along the bank of a river with a very narrow room for error. This trail is fun, stimulating, ever-changing, difficult, and a decent length. This one gets a “highly recommend” from me.

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