I have not been back to NYC since I’ve decided to become a travel blogger, and I must admit, I’m a bit…anxious.  I have always enjoyed visiting New York, not only because I was born and raised there (so yes, I’m a bit partial to it), but because of all of the possibilities offered.  If you want pancakes for breakfast, Thai for lunch, and Italian for dinner – you’re in luck, and I absolutely love that.

I have always been able to recommend the places that everyone else knows about – because they know what they’re doing (ie: Junior’s for cheesecake, Grimaldi’s for pizza, almost anywhere along City Island for seafood).  However, now, I feel more responsibility to get it right, and know exactly what I’m talking about so you can all see and taste the food through my lens.

Thus, on my trip back next week, I intend to re-visit some places that I personally swear by, but failed to ever capture by photo or video: Buddakan, the Boil, and Levain Bakery, visit some places that other people swear by but some how I’ve never been to: Black Tap Craft Burgers, the Sugar Factory, and Patsy’s, and try to make it to some spots that I’ve recently seen or heard about: Hold My Knots, Parm, S’Mac, Tony’s Di Napoli, and the Tipsy Scoop.  I also want to try new bakeries/dessert spots: Two Little Red Hens, Bouchon, 10 Below Ice Cream, Milk and Cookies, etc.  Ambitious, yes, but given that I’ll be in NY twice this year, definitely manageable.

Unlike other places that I will be travelling to, there won’t be many pics of tourist places – ie: Statute of Liberty, Empire State Building, as I’m not really a tourist in NY. It’s more a second home, so I want to dig deeper than I would in other locales, and find some great spots you can visit that are not ranked #1 on a travel review site.  Look out for my follow up posts soon!

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