So much goes into planning a trip (well).  If you read my last post,, you saw that firsthand as I outlined my process from choosing the best time to visit your intended vacay spot, to figuring out the overall logistics for your trip.  This upcoming weekend, I’m headed to Costa Rica for 8 days, and I cannot friggin’ wait!!  I’m mostly excited, and just a little bit nervous, as everyone I’ve talked to has expressed surprise and concern over our plans to rent a car and do a mini road trip.  But you know we can’t ever resist the chance of seeing a country on our own…

Now, this is not our first time renting a car “somewhat” in the region…we rented a car in the Playa del Carmen and Tulum area of Mexico, and found navigating the area fairly easy and straightforward.  However, there’s one word that keeps coming up with Costa Rica that is making me a bit nervous – mudslides.  However, that’s why we chose to visit during the dry season, so hopefully we’ll be covered.  From what I hear, Costa Rica also doesn’t yet have the same level of infrastructure, but that’s where the adventure begins, right? Besides, my spanish is así así, so hopefully we’ll get around with a little help from the locals.

Once we pick up our car from the airport, our plans include the following:

*Head to Jaco to see the sunset at local spot I found

*Manuel Antonio beach crawl

*Go white water rafting in the Pacuare River

*Zipline + La Fortuna Waterfall tour (Canopy rainforest)

*Hanging Bridges


*Local thermal spa + resort thermal spa (so I can write about the difference)

*Ziplining (Cloud rainforest)

*Chocolate farm tour

*Montezuma waterfalls

*Montezuma/Santa Teresa beach crawl

*Tortuga Island

*Explore San Jose

Our accommodations includes a mix of airbnb, glamping, and resort stays.  And yes, I have some of the restaurants already planned out – I literally can’t help myself, haha.  As you’ll see, I have not included any of the actual details yet, because if the experience with a particular tour operator isn’t favorable then I don’t want to knock them later (I’ll just extract them from my assessment), but if it is favorable, I will ensure I post a follow up article about exactly what we did, which tour operator/park we went to for each activity, and any tips I learn along the way.

If you’re interested in any of the above activities, check out my future post where I delve into my trip in greater detail. Until then, please wish us luck and safe travels!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where that photo came from, I took a picture of Costa Rica off one of my globes at home. You know I have a policy against posting any pics that neither Greg or I took ourselves!